Supposedly, there is a correlation between successful people and their morning routines. How does your routine stack up?

What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning? Do you wake up early? Set an alarm? Hit the snooze button? Make your bed?

Maybe some exercise to get the blood flowing? Or some light stretching? How about a cup of coffee? Or a glass of water? Full breakfast or light snack?

Perhaps you write in a journal. Do you describe the dream you just woke up from? Three things you are grateful for? A list of reminders for the day ahead? How about some reading? Or praying? Or meditating?

Do you get back to something left unfinished from the night before? The dishes in the sink? Some clean laundry that has not been put away? A homework assignment? A home project?

Are you friendly with your spouse? Irritable with your kids? Do you help them with their morning routines? Do they get in the way of yours?

Are you someone that heads straight for the restroom? Empty out the bladder? Jump in the shower? Brush your teeth? Maybe you reach for the TV remote? Or [gulp] your phone?

Whenever you do eventually reach for the phone, what is the first app you check? Email? Texts? Social media? Weather? News? Sports? Are these things that you check deliberately? Or without even thinking about it?

How much time do you give yourself before you head out the door? Do you take your time in the morning or do you try to get every last second of sleep you can before you run through your routine in the time you’ve allotted yourself?

How important is this part of the day compared to the rest of it? Does it even matter what happens before your brain has yet to fully engage? How does this routine vary from day to day? What about when you first get home in the afternoon? Or your last few moments at the end of the day?

Could different morning routines help explain different levels of enthusiasm? Efficiency? Engagement? Moods?

Is there anything you think that everyone should be doing? Or is the morning routine something that everyone has to figure out for themselves?

Husband. Father. Other stuff.

Husband. Father. Other stuff.