My Luckiest Day: Intro

Have you ever had a day that started out well and just kept getting better?

Back in 2015, my life into fatherhood and marriage was just getting started. Our 2nd daughter was on the way and I started the year making some unforgettable memories reconnecting with some long lost family and friends in Chicago and SoCal. Just as Spring Break was in full swing, a day in the middle of the week blinded me with so many joyous surprises that I still think about it to this day. From the deluxe accommodations to the celebrity sightings, this day in Orlando was unlike any other that I have experienced before or since. Any one of these ten aspects would individually be the highlight of most any given typical week, let alone any typical day, but the fact that they all squeezed into one 24 hour period is mind boggling. It all started with a work trip to a safety conference that a half dozen of our team took every year. This was one of the first times the conference was in Orlando and, as luck would have it, would be the first time for a lot of things.

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