Sometimes you know

That it’s time to go

The familiar look in your eyes

Indicates you realize

This chapter eventually ends

And you bid farewell to old friends

This transition will probably reveal

Who of your friends are true and real

What you’re leaving behind was appreciated

Some of life’s gifts it has initiated

But you’re the kind that lives life without regret

Whatever you’re meant for in the future you’ll get

It’s natural to have hesitation

Or be nervous with anticipation

The option of settling is just temptation

It all becomes clear via prayer and meditation

Then, in an instant, it’s done

A surreal feeling consumes you

You’re at home with your loved ones

And their sweet smell perfumes you

Was it a good decision?

We’re about to find out

Either way will be an adventure

Because that’s what life’s all about

Husband. Father. Other stuff.