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What does it take to be a good listener? How many people have good listeners in their lives that allow them to share thoughts and secrets? How important is being a good listener?

Hello, friends and family!! Throughout my childhood, I have heard of certain games that take a minute to learn and a lifetime to master. In conversation, listening can be described in the same way. Some think that listening is simply the courtesy to remain silent when someone else is speaking. However, my spiel on listening goes way beyond that. Not only do I think good listeners do things that many others don’t, but I also think that quality listening is a catalyst for unlocking deeper communication and understanding. In a separate train of thought, I have a theory that effective…

“There’s never enough time..”

Time management is something that most everyone struggles with. There are only so many hours in the day and so much to do. Whenever I have time to myself, these options fall into one of three categories: fun, productive, relaxing. If I spend too much time not dedicated to one of those categories then, by my own definition, I am wasting time. For example, I may catch myself aimlessly scrolling social media on my phone or spiraling down a YouTube black hole. I try not to waste time like this too much, but it happens.

Usually, one of those three…

[Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. While I used some names of my real family members, the characters and story are products of my imagination or used in a fictitious manner.]

One thing that Christian has always been good at is creating meaningful friendships. He has been asked to be a groomsman in more weddings than I had even been invited to. Not only is Christian usually the life of the party, but he is also a solid wingman for any pal trying to hit on a girl or build a long-term relationship. For the most part, Christian is…

Once upon a time, the Lakers were on the verge of winning the NBA Championship. They had just won Game 4 of the Finals and took a 3–1 lead going into Game 5. They were facing a team from Florida and were looking to finish the series in Orlando. They were the heavy favorites going into the postseason and made it to the Finals by beating the Houston Rockets in the 2nd round and then the Denver Nuggets in the Conference Finals.

The Lakers were led by a veteran superstar who had already won 3 championships but also had two…

“Yesterday was history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift from God, which is why we call it the present” -Bil Keane

Be present. It is a simple and effective phrase to convey a multitude of messages. “Concentrate.” “Enjoy.” “Calm down.” “Have fun.” “It is okay to cry.” Sometimes moments in life are significant enough that being present comes easily: graduations, holidays, milestones. Other moments are more low-key: a meal with a partner, a pre-bedtime story with the kids, a morning workout. Being present in the correct moments invites life-changing thoughts and emotions that could yield remarkably rewarding results…

“Today’s audience is a tough one to impress

Digital distractions put focus to the test

It’s only possible when you settle for no less

Than a masterpiece that sends your heart bursting out of your chest.”

-Alan Manalansan

Hamilton on Disney+ is amazing. I am no rapper, but Hamilton’s lyrics are some of the best writing I have ever heard and Hamilton is probably the most outstanding thing that has ever been shown on our TV. This was the first time I have ever finished a 2hr 40min show (that ended past midnight) and immediately wanted to press play and…

There is a well known photo of Magic Johnson congratulating Michael Jordan after the Bulls defeated the Lakers in the 1991 NBA Finals. The moment is historic in many ways. It was the Bulls 1st championship in franchise history, the start of what would become arguably the greatest run of championships ever. That year, they had to go through the Detroit Pistons who had dominated the Eastern Conference the prior 3–4 years and was captained by rival leader Isiah Thomas. Then they had to get through one of the best teams of the previous decade in the Lakers led by…

In watching the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why, I thought back to my years as a high school teenager. Unlike the show, my experience was virtually absent of extreme scenarios involving drugs, crime, or even alcohol. Some of these issues hovered around me but, somehow, the environment created by my school, my family, and my personal practices shielded me from going down a road like that of the traumatized characters in the fictional Netflix series. I can relate to the show when it addresses teenage romance, rumors, and the pursuit of self-discovery. Though, for the most part, there is a…


Sometimes you know

That it’s time to go

The familiar look in your eyes

Indicates you realize

This chapter eventually ends

And you bid farewell to old friends

This transition will probably reveal

Who of your friends are true and real

What you’re leaving behind was appreciated

Some of life’s gifts it has initiated

But you’re the kind that lives life without regret

Whatever you’re meant for in the future you’ll get

It’s natural to have hesitation

Or be nervous with anticipation

The option of settling is just temptation

It all becomes clear via prayer and meditation

Then, in an instant, it’s done

A surreal feeling consumes you

You’re at home with your loved ones

And their sweet smell perfumes you

Was it a good decision?

We’re about to find out

Either way will be an adventure

Because that’s what life’s all about

Supposedly, there is a correlation between successful people and their morning routines. How does your routine stack up?

What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning? Do you wake up early? Set an alarm? Hit the snooze button? Make your bed?

Maybe some exercise to get the blood flowing? Or some light stretching? How about a cup of coffee? Or a glass of water? Full breakfast or light snack?

Perhaps you write in a journal. Do you describe the dream you just woke up from? Three things you are grateful for? A list of…

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